Supply Chain Management and Marketing
"In my four years here, Lehigh has become my home; it is a place where I feel comfortable and somewhere that I am extraordinarily proud to be associated with."

What are your career aspirations?

"At this point time, I am excited to apply the practical knowledge I've gained through my coursework at Lehigh in a technical and professional setting. With this being said however, I envision myself eventually returning to school to pursue my MBA further down the line."

How well do you think the Lehigh business curriculum prepared you for success in getting a job or internship?

"During my four years at Lehigh, I have been fortunate enough to have completed two successful internships. I wholeheartedly believe that I was well-prepared to excel in those positions because I have been challenged as a student within Lehigh's business curriculum. Through my coursework, I have learned how to be flexible, attentive, responsive and timely. In turn, these characteristics helped drive the success that I saw in each of my internships and have contributed significantly to my overall development in both an academic and professional setting."

Have you found the curriculum to be flexible in allowing you to pursue diverse interests in addition to your business interests?

"I was originally very reluctant to declare a second major out of concern that I would not have the flexibility in my schedule to accommodate the requirements for each. However, I quickly realized that the College of Business and Economics (CBE) provides you with ample resources to pursue additional academic interests. In fact, I was even encouraged to pursue secondary fields within the college to complement my existing business interests and my interests outside of the CBE, as well."

What experiences outside of your business study, do you credit for some of your success?

"My favorite part of the CBE curriculum is the focus on cross-disciplinary programming. I believe that I have developed a competitive edge because of this feature. As a result of my varied academic background, I feel as though I have developed the skills necessary to engage in productive dialogue with others and become a contributing member of society after graduation from Lehigh. Beyond this, I had the opportunity to study abroad junior year and I wholeheartedly believe that that experience shaped me into who I am today. Studying abroad helped me cultivate a deep appreciation for other cultures and different perspectives, both of which have influenced my performance as a student and as a peer in the classroom upon my return."

Have you found someone within the CBE to be particularly helpful as you make important decisions?

"Given the small classroom size and the intimate learning environment Lehigh offers its students, I have had the pleasure of developing close relationships with a number of professors within the CBE. I have been particularly influenced by Robert Trent and Zach Zacharia, both professors within the Supply Chain Management department. They each have gone out of their way on a series of occasions to ensure that I had the resources necessary not only to excel in the classroom, but to ultimately become the best version of myself mentally, emotionally and professionally, as well. I am forever grateful for their wise words and helpful guidance."

Do you see yourself as part of a community that is instrumental to success now and beyond Lehigh?

"My experience at Lehigh has ultimately been shaped by the friends, faculty and alumni that I've met and befriended. During my time here, I have been surrounded by the most intellectually stimulating, inquisitive and accomplished group of people, and I constantly find myself in a position to learn something from each and every person that I encounter. I have been profoundly influenced by the Lehigh community, and I am eternally grateful for the relationships that I have formed, all of which I am confident will withstand the test-of-time."

Are you proud to say that you are from Lehigh? If so, “why?”

"I am very proud to say that I am from Lehigh. Whenever I share with someone that I am a student at Lehigh, their first reaction is always, "Wow - what a great school!" I am proud of this reaction because it is a testament to the culture that we have created at Lehigh, and a universal recognition of our rigorous academic environment."

What are some of your activities outside of the CBE, and how have they better impacted your college career?

"Within the CBE, I am a H.A.W.K.S First-Year Peer Mentor and I have served on the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Board, which operates under the direction of Dean Zalatan to discuss pertinent issues relative to the student experience within the business college. In addition, I've been very fortunate to have participated in a number of activities outside of the CBE during my four years at Lehigh. I am a co-captain of the Women's Varsity Rowing team, a University Admissions Fellow and I have participated in a number of community-service related activities such as Big Brothers Big Sisters Lehigh Valley and Broughal Bowling. Each of these activities have contributed to my personal development and have positively impacted my college career, since I've had the opportunity to interact and engage with so many different organizations and people across campus."

Anything else you would like to add about your Lehigh experiences?

"In my four years here, Lehigh has become my home; it is a place where I feel comfortable and somewhere that I am extraordinarily proud to be associated with. I have been challenged academically, personally and emotionally, and have experienced, learned and discovered so much. I will miss Lehigh tremendously after graduation, but I will visit often - of that I have no doubt!"