Computer Science and Business (CSB) Mass Communication
"Lehigh is the perfectly sized school for me; it's large enough to provide the professional opportunities of a first-rate business school, yet small enough such that I can form close relationships with professors and not get lost in a sea of other undergraduate students."

What are your career aspirations?

"I would be lying if I said that I have a direct answer to this question. Having grown up in an area full of software engineers and large tech companies, I always imagined myself following the traditional path of a tech-focused college experience. Now that I'm at Lehigh, my experience in the College of Business and Economics (CBE) has thrown a fork in my road and has forced me to re-evaluate my future career. Rather than sticking to a traditional developer role, I've learned through the CBE that a comprehensive set of business skills can directly complement a tech-oriented career. I began my career at Lehigh thinking I was going to pursue a more vanilla software development career, but every day I'm learning more about my personal interests and reevaluating what exactly I'd like to do."

How well do you think the Lehigh business curriculum prepared you for success in getting a job or internship?

"I chose Lehigh primarily to join the Computer Science & Business (CSB) program. Because the CSB program is dually accredited, there are a lot of credits to take, but students receive a fully accredited computer science degree from the engineering school and a full business degree from the CBE. This carries tremendous advantages when searching for a job or internship; CSB students can apply to computer science-related opportunities, business-related opportunities, or unique experiences only possible with the fusion between the two fields. I was not able to find such a program at any other similarly sized school."

Have you found the curriculum to be flexible in allowing you to pursue diverse interests in addition to your business interests?

"I plan on adding a minor in Mass Communication. Because the CSB program has such a flexible curriculum, I doubt that I would be able to pursue such a degree and add a minor at many other schools. Being in a classroom with Communications & Journalism majors has been an incredibly eye-opening experience for me, because I'm able to learn from others whose experiences are drastically different than my own. Learning about a discipline completely unrelated to my own makes my time at Lehigh more vibrant and engaging, and I encourage many other Lehigh students to do the same."

What experiences outside of your business study, do you credit for some of your success?

"Last summer, I interned at the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, a technology-based startup accelerator in Manhattan. I had never been to New York beforehand, but was suddenly thrust into a new city and had to adapt quickly to a new living condition and work environment. Having known nobody in the city, those two months were the most difficult time in my life, yet I grew in ways that I could never have imagine beforehand.

A startup accelerator is an office full of intense, highly motivated, type-A personalities. Living in such an environment for 2 months forced me to be more assertive and confident in my own work. I've also learned how to work outside of a traditional "9 to 5" job; on some days, I've learned to put work above any other priority that day. Most importantly, the CEOs at these startups taught me to embrace the opportunities that I've been given and be hungry to learn more about the world around us. Anyone could benefit in some capacity from working at a startup or having another dynamic experience; there's a certain chaos, art, and joy to creating one's own project and being their own boss."

Have you found someone within the College of Business and Economics (CBE) to be particularly helpful as you make important decisions?

"Even though I haven't taken one of his courses yet, Professor Savino in the Marketing department is definitely someone who I look up to on an everyday basis. Three weeks into my freshman year, I walked into his office asking for help on my resume. Not only did Professor Savino give valuable feedback, he has given me lasting advice that has served me in different capacities around Lehigh, and we regularly keep in touch almost 2 years later. After an incredibly successful professional career, he shares his experiences with students and genuinely cares about their personal and professional development. I'm incredibly blessed to know him, and I'm excited to take one of his classes in my junior year."

Do you see yourself as part of a community that is instrumental to success now and beyond Lehigh?

"I've generally found my place on campus as an involved member of the CSB program. Each CSB class takes almost all of their major-related courses together, and both directors of the program engage closely with students. This turns CSB into much more than just a program or academic major; it's a family and a group of like-minded people that support one another through personal, professional, and academic matters. My two advisors (Professor Korth, Computer Science & Engineering and Professor Hall, Accounting) both take a legitimate interest in the lives of their students and closely engage with them. I could very easily imagine myself reconnecting with colleagues and professors long after graduation."

Are you proud to say that you are from Lehigh? If so, “why?”

"I'm incredibly proud to call myself a Lehigh student. Lehigh is the perfectly sized school for me; it's large enough to provide the professional opportunities of a first-rate business school, yet small enough such that I can form close relationships with professors and not get lost in a sea of other undergraduate students."

What are some of your activities outside of the CBE, and how have they better impacted your college career?

"I'm heavily involved with the Computer Science & Business Association (CSBA), the student organization that represents the CSB program. As the Director of PR and Recruitment, I'm in charge of sharing my experiences at Lehigh with prospective high school students and current Lehigh students attempting to transfer into the CSB program. With such a high interest in CSB, there are always presentations to give and questions to answer. I also organize CSB-wide events, including frisbee, social events, professional workshops, and programming sessions. Doing this gives me a greater appreciation for the opportunities that I'm given at Lehigh and the sacrifices that others made for me to be where I am today. Being part of the CSBA also gives me the chance to get closer to other CSB students and be their voice on college-wide matters.

On campus, I'm also involved in the Programming Club, Cryptocurrency Club, CBE sophomore council, Class of 2020 Officers, and Gryphon Society."