Segal Accounting Distinguished Speaker Series

The Segal Accounting Distinguished Speaker Series introduces students to current accounting issues from the perspectives of distinguished thought leaders in the accounting profession. Students have the opportunity to network with prominent accounting professionals who are leaders in public accounting firms, industry, government, regulatory bodies, and non-profit organizations. All College of Business & Economics students are invited to attend distinguished speaker presentations of their choosing. Students wishing to make a full-semester commitment to attend all presentations and to complete other related requirements may earn 1-credit by registering for ACCT 098. Because speakers and topics vary from year-to-year, ACCT 098 may be repeated for credit each fall semester.

The Segal Accounting Distinguished Speaker Series is made possible by the tremendous network of Lehigh alumni within the accounting profession and by the generous financial support of the William N. Segal and Andrew Segal Accounting Speaker Series Endowment.


The Accounting Club

Students have the opportunity to interact with each other, visit professionals and meet with professors in a non-academic environment.

Beta Alpha Psi

This national accounting honor society and professional fraternity sponsors various guest speakers from the accounting profession, as well as schedules student visits to accounting firms.