Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics

Students may major in any one of the following major areas of study:

Students may also obtain double majors or minors within the CBE. Lehigh students also have the option of pursuing minors and/or dual degrees across Lehigh colleges. Dual degrees require careful planning and approval. For more information about dual degrees, please see the Lehigh University Course Catalog.  CBE minors include:

Bachelor of Science in Integrated Business and Engineering

The Integrated Business and Engineering Honors Program is designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of business, technology and how they fit together. Admission to the Integrated Business and Engineering Honors Program is highly selective, with annual admission limited to approximately 50 students.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Business

The Computer Science and Business Program integrates computing technologies and business topics at an unprecedented level. This program is the only one of its kind to be accredited in both computer science and business.