Minoring in Economics

All students from the College of Arts & Sciences, the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering, or from the interdisciplinary programs IDEAS, CSB, or IBE (if majoring in engineering), are eligible to minor in economics. 

Requirements for the minor are show below. In all cases, students are responsible for any pre-requisites the required courses might involve.  Please check with the minor advisor for more information.

Minor advisor: Professor Mary E. Deily (Rauch #428; med4@lehigh.edu).


A student must complete 16 credits to minor in economics. These credits consist of three required courses:

Eco 1: 4 credits
Eco 146: 3 credits
Eco 29 or Eco 119: 3 credits

plus two electives, one of which can be a 200 level course but one of which must be a 300 level course:

Eco 2xx or Eco 3xx: 3 credits
Eco 3xx: 3 credits

Note that not all 200 and 300 economics courses are acceptable as electives.  Please consult the catalog or speak with the Minor advisor.

Declaring a Minor

To declare a minor, download and fill out the Economics Minor Declaration Form and bring it to the Economics Department office (Rauch #461).