The Management major brings managerial knowledge, awareness, and skills to students considering management-track jobs, or jobs in human resource management, small businesses or non-profit organizations, and management consulting.

The Management Major offers a choice of two distinctive tracks, which emphasize valuable managerial skills that are sought out by employers, such as conflict resolution, negotiation, decision-making, and leadership.

  • Managing Human Resources:  This track prepares students to work as human resource professionals or in management consulting organizations or to broaden their interpersonal skills. Recent jobs obtained by Lehigh students in the Managing People track include Rotational management jobs and Sports managers.
  • Small Business and Non Profit Management: This track prepares students specifically to work in small businesses including family owned businesses, non-profit organizations, startups, and in rapid growth environments. Lehigh students majoring in the Small Business and Non Profit Management track are likely to enter management-level positions in smaller businesses, continue employment in their family business, or develop entrepreneurial ventures.

The management major is comprised of 5 courses (15 credits).  All management majors are required to take MGT 342: Managing in the International Organization. Each track requires 4 additional courses as indicated below.

The requirements for each of the four tracks in the Management major include:

Managing Human Resources Track

  • MGT 333: Human Resource Management
  • MGMT 342: Managing in the International Organization
  • MGT 328/SCM 328: Negotiations and Conflict Management
  • MGT 363: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Plus 1 course chosen from the following:

  • ECO 235: Labor Economics
  • MGT 314: Small Business Consulting

Small Business and Non-Profit Management Track

  • MGT 314: Small Business Consulting
  • MGT 306: Decision Making in Small Business and Non-Profits
  • MGT 342: Managing in the International Organization

Plus 2 courses chosen from the following:

  • MGT 328/SCM 328: Negotiations and Conflict Management
  • MGT 333: Human Resource Management
  • BIS 335: Web Application Development
  • FIN 328: Corporate Financial Policy
  • MKT 319: Development and Marketing of New Products

For full description of these courses, please visit the course catalog.

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