In Lehigh's College of Business and Economics (the "CBE"), you will be engaged in business from the start, to start you on the road to make a positive difference. All of our degrees offer a four-year, integrated experience that balances a solid, common core with many options for specialization. Introduction to both business and liberal arts studies in your first two years forms a strong foundation for you to build your own uniquely personalized Lehigh experience in your junior and senior years.

Year 1:

Business from the Beginning 

Learn the basics that establish the context and foundation for the rest of your curriculum. Get immersed in team-based projects that introduce you to business and your first-year student colleagues from the start - like BUS 001: Introduction to Business and IBE 50: Integrated Business and Engineering Workshop. Explore opportunities for engagement beyond the classroom to build your network and start determining your path.

Year 2:

Building Knowledge and Options

Develop your critical thinking by making decisions and solving problems in a rich portfolio of core courses, and gain a head-start in any one major (or any one of over 100 combinations of majors) available in the CBE alone. Explore other interests and gain perspective through your course requirements beyond business, opening doors to potential minors or dual degree opportunities in the College of Arts and Sciences or the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science. Engage in a winter-term program abroad. Work with your advisor to craft an academic plan that takes you where you want to go.

Year 3:

Moving from Plan to Action

Declare one or more majors and dive into more advanced coursework. Take your campus involvement to the leadership level, making a positive difference at Lehigh and our greater communities. Network with business and community leaders at events featuring guest speakers or by engaging in activities that connect the classroom to real world issues and problems. Study abroad for a semester or a summer session. Work with faculty and Career Services to plan a summer internship in the U.S. or abroad.

Year 4:

Tying it Together and Preparing to Launch

Take a leadership role in projects that make a difference in your professional field. Meet up with CBE seniors from across all majors to bring it all together in a competitive, team-based strategic management capstone. Volunteer to mentor undeclared CBE students. Transition to post-graduate success by working with faculty mentors, alumni, professional associations, and Career Services.