Undergraduate Advising

Good advising enables business students to get the most from their four years at Lehigh. Every business student is assigned an advisor before arriving on campus to start their first year, and students maintain contact with their advisors until graduation.  We strive to offer efficient advising support that is personalized to meet the unique needs of every student and help ensure their success.

BS in Business and Economics Advising

Advising for students in our Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics program is housed within the College of Business and Economics (CBE) Undergraduate Programs Office (RBC 395).   Every student is assigned a professional advisor who provides support throughout his or her four years at Lehigh.  The advisor assists each student in making academic selections to match the student's particular background, interests, and future objectives, and helps each student to identify program options, maintain academic pace, and develop academic planning strategies. The advisor also connects students to other resources and support systems available at the University, such as the Center for Career and Professional Development, the Study Abroad Office, the Center for Academic Success, University Counseling and Psychological Services, and other support and student activities available through Lehigh’s Dean of Students Office.

Students can check advisor availability and make appointments through AdvisorTrac, an online appointment system.  Walk-in hours are also available and advertised throughout the semester for added convenience for the student. 

First-year students are also supported by H.A.W.K.S. Peer Mentors who reach out to students before they arrive on campus in the fall of their first semester and maintain regular contact throughout the first year. 

When business students declare majors during the second year of study, they are assigned a faculty mentor.  The mentor is available to discuss details about his or her mentee’s major, including tracks, and related curriculum and professional opportunities.  Mentors meet with their student mentees as needed for career advice and development. Mentors, advisors, and career counseling staff from Lehigh’s Center for Career and Professional Development work as a team to help every student get the most from his or her Lehigh experience and successfully transition to rewarding endeavors after graduation.

BS in Computer Science and Business (CSB) Advising

CSB students are advised by the faculty co-directors of the CSB Program for all four years of the degree:

CSB peer mentors also engage to support newer CSB students during registration and other program events.

BS in Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) Advising

From the start of the IBE degree program, IBE students are advised by the faculty co-directors of the IBE Program:

IBE students are also connected to major advisors when they declare majors in specific areas of specialization in engineering or business.

Other Support Available to Business Students

To supplement advising, the CBE Undergraduate Programs Office offers easy access to commonly used forms, computers for scheduling appointments and other online advising-related information, and brochures and information about valuable campus resources and student activities.  CBE students have access to the CBE Undergraduate web site at cbeundergrad.lehigh.edu for critical information including degree requirements, forms, answers to commonly asked questions, scholarship opportunities, and more. 

All business students are automatically subscribed to the CBE Week at a Glance e-newsletter that alerts them to announcements, professional development, career connections, international opportunities, and academic support events available during the weeks ahead.