April 11 & 12, 2019
Iacocca Hall Wood Dining Room

The CSCRL Spring Symposium is an opportunity to learn and discuss new insights from industry and academic experts about Supply Chain Risks and Opportunities in a Changing Global Environment. There will be presentations that discuss the specific impact of tariffs on global trade and identify how different companies have managed to succeed when dealing with these new tariffs both in the US and internationally. There will also be interactive workshops where participants will have opportunities to learn from each other. Finally, there will be ample opportunities to network at the opening reception, breakfast session, lunch session and closing reception with industry peers, Lehigh University students and Lehigh University faculty.



Thursday, April 11th

Networking Reception

Friday, April 12th

Full-Day Symposium

Gregg Geschwindt
Distribution Operation Manager
East Penn Manufacturing Co.

Mike Greco
Senior Vice President of Global Logistics
NFI Industries

Daniel Griswold
Mercatus Center Senior Research Fellow
Co-Director of Trade and Immigration

Ozias A. Moore
Assistant Professor of Management
Lehigh University