Learn more about our membership options and benefits for the Lehigh Center for Supply Chain Research by reading our informational PDF or contacting Dr. Zach Zacharia.

Membership Benefits & Support

  • Learn - Join supply chain leaders from industry and academia twice a year at the Spring Symposium and Fall Forum.
  • Network - Tap into a network of industry and academic thought leaders while building relationships with peers.
  • Save - Receive discounts on Lehigh University Executive Education offerings, customized training and other professional  education offerings.
  • Recruit - Priority access to top performing students (undergraduate and MBA).
  • Access - Tap into Lehigh faculty & subject matter experts to pursue innovative supply chain ideas.
  • ROI - Participate in various Lehigh CSCR events/offerings. Be better prepared to implement ideas and tools to enhance your firm's supply chain performance.

What do contributions support?

  • Helps fund various programs to ensure they are successful.
  • Student tours of SCM operations.
  • Student research project to explore a particular supply chain management issue within their company (Sponsor level).
  • Advice on how to develop curriculum that aligns with industry’s needs (respond to surveys, questionnaires, etc.)
  • Active participation on various committees/work groups.

Membership Options

Advisory Board Charter

  • Industry members (limited to 25)
  • Senior‐level representative assigned
  • Provide linkage between industry/government  and academia
  • Be an advocate of the Lehigh CSCR in the global SCM community
  • Resource to alumni, students, prospective students & faculty
  • Understanding of industry trends/needs
  • Support for expanding reach and influence of Lehigh University SCM programs
  • Assist in placing Lehigh University SCM students

Several Board member companies regularly send students through the MBA-SCM program.

Membership Options

Membership Benefits Basic Associate Full


Annual Fees $5,000 $7,500 $10,000 $20,000

Free seats at Spring Symposium and Fall Forum

1 2 4 1
Recognition of your organization as a Lehigh CSCR Advisory Board Member

Participation on the Lehigh CSCR Advisory Board




Discounted rates for Executive Education classes  
Discounted rates for additional Spring Smposium registrations  



Discounted rates for additional Fall Forum registrations  



Voting rights as a Lehigh CSCR Advisory Board member  

First-look privileges on research


Exclusive web access to white papers, technical reports, newsletters (archived), and other member-only publications  

Preferential access to Lehigh University students for recruiting (e.g. exclusive meeting with students at annual Career Fair)  


Special Executive Level Meetings (i.e. organized to share best practices; round table discussions; networking; etc.)    

Student Research Project (up to 50 hours) - additional hourly rate ($30/hour)    

Faculty Research Project (up to 150 hours) - additional hourly rate ($150/hour)