The Martindale Student Associates Honors Program has enabled a select group of Lehigh juniors and seniors to actively explore global business and economic issues each year since 1980. The Student Associate experience extends the scope of learning beyond the pages of textbooks and journals through travel to organizations around the world, and interviews and meetings with decision makers, distinguished executives, and scholars. 

Each year a new group of junior-year Student Associates begins to explore a particular topic about a country outside the U.S. To gain first-hand experience of the society under study, the students take part in an extensive educational field trip organized by their faculty advisors in conjunction with faculty from other disciplines. Over the years they have traveled to the following locations:

2018 Program



For additional information contact Janice Johnston Howie at or 610.758.4492.

Martindale Student Associates 2017-18

  • Martindale Student Associates 2017-18