The Rauch Center for Business Communications will be offering the Presentation Skills Certificate to students interested in developing their communication and presentation skills. These additional skills can be helpful in securing an internship and eventually a job.

To receive the certificate, CBE students receive specific training sessions to learn core oral presentation skills, observe professional speakers and then make presentations that exemplify those skills.

Students can begin this process as early as the sophomore year and have until the end of their senior year to complete the requirements.


  • Successful completion of BUS 1 or BUS 2 (formerly BUS 097)

Course Requirements:

COMM 130-Public Speaking or COMM 160-Public Speaking for IBE AND three from the below list:

  • TRAC 100 – TRAC Seminar (Must apply and go through interview process)
  • THTR 011 – Introduction to Acting
  • PSYC  140 – Intro to Linguistics
  • PHIL 014 – Reasoning and Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 114 – Symbolic Logic
  • SSP 327 – Mass Communication and Society
  • Other courses may be considered upon petition to the RCBC

Presentation Requirements:

  • Attend three lectures (offered by the University or one of the four colleges) and write a one-page reflection paper on the presentations. The paper will be submitted to the RCBC. 
  • Give a 10-minute individual presentation on a business topic of his/her choice before the oral communications committee.
  • Give a 20-minute group presentation that is part of a class assignment. Also acceptable are college or university presentations students make, such as the presentation at the end of the Real Estate practicum.


Casey Hilferty, RCBC Coordinator, at or in RBC 385.