Universidad de los Andes, B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
New York University, M.A. Economics
Cornell University, Ph.D. Applied Economics and Management

Research Interests

Electricity markets
Power systems
Energy economics
Resource economics

Alberto Lamadrid is an associate professor in the Economics Department, part of the Integrated Networks for Electricity Research Cluster, and the Power from Ocean, Rivers, and Tides (PORT) Laboratory at Lehigh University.

His interests lie at the intersections of energy and electricity economics, complex stochastic dynamic systems, and mechanism design.

In his work so far he has focused on the development of methodologies and tools that allow to study the economic decision making processes in the electrical network for operations, planning and regulation with large scale penetration of renewable energy sources; and the analysis and design of resilient interdependent systems, and the recovery for communities post extreme disruption events, considering the interactions among electrical and transportation infrastructure, communications systems, and social structures in a probabilistic way.

His methods use continuous and discrete optimization, geographic information systems, statistical analysis and engineering models that reflect the physical behavior of the system.


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