Muhlenberg College, A.B.
Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Methodologies used by university rankings publications
Simultaneous search and signaling

James Dearden is a specialist in game theory.  He investigates economic incentives and contracts, cost sharing of collective actions, and the economics of college rankings and admission. His most recent research interests include: factors affecting college application and admissions decisions; simultaneous search and signaling.

Professor Dearden has published papers on these topics in journals including American Economic Review, RAND Journal of Economics, Journal of Marketing Research, International Economic Review, Journal of Public Economics, International Journal of Research in Marketing, and Economic Theory. Dearden writes the weekly Wall Street Journal Microeconomics Educators Review.  He teaches microeconomics, Ph.D. game theory, and industrial organization theory and strategy.  Professor Dearden began his academic career in 1987 at The American University and has been a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Economic Research, Tilburg University, The Netherlands.



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