Paul Brockman

Paul Brockman

Research interests: Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Market Microstructure, Derivative Securities, International...

Kathleen Weiss Hanley

Research interests: Corporate Finance, Regulation, Systemic risk, Capital Markets
Richard Kish

Richard J. Kish

Research interests: Fixed Income, IPOs, M&A, Real Options, Mutual Funds, Finance Educations
Matthew Melone

Matthew A. Melone

Research interests: Corporate Governance, Federal income taxation, Executive compensation
George Nation

George A. Nation III

Research interests: Health Care Billing (Balance billing; Chargemaster rates; Determining the fair value of healthcare...
Nandu Nayar

Nandkumar (Nandu) Nayar

Research interests: Corporate finance - including investment banking; and short term financing options; valuations;...
Georgette Chapman Phillips

Georgette Chapman Phillips

Research interests: Housing, Real Estate Law, Urban and Regional Planning

Associate Professors

McKay Price

McKay Price

Research interests: Real Estate, Finance
Jesus Salas

Jesus M. Salas

Research interests: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Risk Management
Ke Yang

Ke Yang

Research interests: Corporate Finance, Mergers; Acquisitions; and Restructurings, Corporate Governance, Agency Issues,...

Assistant Professors

Ke Shen

Ke Shen

Research interests: Mutual Funds, Institutional Investors, IPOs
Qianqian Yu

Qianqian Yu

Research interests: Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance, Venture Capital, Financial Intermediation
Haibei Zhao, Assistant Professor of Finance

Haibei Zhao

Research interests: Investments

Professors of Practice

Loren Keim

Loren K. Keim

Research interests: Housing
Olena Nikolsko-Rzhevska

Olena Nikolsko-Rzhevska

Practice Areas: High-Frequency Trading, Stock Exchanges, Financial Regulations
Vijay Singh, Professor of Practice in Finance

Vijay Singh

Research interests: Corporate Finance, International Finance
Sam Weaver

Samuel C. Weaver

Research interests: Corporate Financial Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuation, Capital Investment, Capital...
Patrick J. Zoro

Patrick J. Zoro

Practice Areas: Credit Default Swaps, Corporate Valuation, Credit Insurance, Credit Portfolio Management,...

Adjunct Professors

Patrick F. McCormick

Patrick F. McCormick

Research interests: Continuing Legal Education, Euthanasia and End of Life Legal Issues, Estates