Sun Yat-sen University, B.S.
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, M.S.
University of Calgary, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Economics of Information Systems
Business Value of IT
Health Information Systems
Business Analytics and Emerging E-business Models

David Zhang received his Ph.D in Management Information Systems from The University of Calgary, Canada, his master’s degree in Economics from HKUST, Hong Kong, and his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Sun Yat-sen University, China. He joined the Department of Management at Lehigh University in Fall 2015. Before joining Lehigh’s faculty, he served as an assistant professor at the Kania School of Management, University of Scranton. Dr. Zhang has published articles in top business journals such as Information Systems Research and Journal of Operations Management.


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  • Ko, D., Mai, F., Shan, Z., D. Zhang. “Operational Efficiency and Patient-Centered Healthcare: A View from Online Physician Reviews” Forthcoming at Journal of Operations Management.
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