State University of New York at Albany, B.S.
State University of New York at Buffalo, M.S.
University of Pennsylvania, M.S., Ph.D.

Research Interests

Health Information Systems
Information Systems Risk
Information Systems Investment Management
Inter-organizational Information Systems
IT Payoff
IT Role in Value Network

Susan A. Sherer's research contributions focus on of the measurement of the impact of information systems on business, supply chains and health care. Her research areas include software failure risk, managing information systems risks, inter-organizational and collaborative information systems, IT benefit justification, cross-cultural issues in IT, and health information systems. She is the author of Software Failure Risk: Measurement and Management, as well as many articles that have appeared in information systems, software engineering, and supply chain management journals.

Professor Sherer served as chair of the Department of Management from 2005-2011. She co-founded the Center for Value Chain Research in 2002, serving as its co-director from 2002-2006. She was instrumental in the development of the Business Information Systems major.

Sherer held the Kenan Professorship from 2002-2012. She has also previously held the Kane Faculty Fellowship and the PwC Consulting Professorship. She is a past recipient of the Lindback Award for Teaching, the Beidelman Research Award, and a Fulbright Teaching/Research Award in Portugal.

Sherer holds degrees in decision sciences, operations research, industrial engineering, and mathematics. Prior to moving into academia, she managed projects for several manufacturing companies including Leeds & Northrup Company and Union Carbide Corporation.


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