The Research Roundup calendar for research talks, symposia, brown bags and speaker events for the spring 2019 semester is below.


Friday, February 22

Presentation - Economics
Ben Zou, Michigan State University
Industrialization from Scratch: The “Third Front” and Local Economic Development in China's Hinterland
3:10 PM-4:30 PM | RBC 171


Tuesday, March 5

Presentation - Marketing
Russell Belk – York University
Generating Original Marketing and Consumer Behavior Theory using Abductive Logic
4:15–5:45 PM | RBC 261


Thursday, April 11

Presentation - Management
Valeria Jones Taylor, Lehigh University
From a "Threat in the Air" to a "Threat on the Ground": The Consequences of Social Identity Threat in Classrooms, Workplaces, and Work Pairs
4:00–5:15 PM | RBC 85

Presentation - Marketing
Eric Fang, University of Illinois
Marketing Strategy in Digital and Data-Rich Environment
4:15–5:45 PM | RBC 261

Friday, April 12

Presentation - Economics
Chiara Lo Prete, Pennsylvania State University
California’s Cap-and-Trade Program and Emission Leakage in the Electricity Sector: An Empirical Analysis
3:10–4:30 PM | RBC 171

Presentation - Accounting
Monica Neamtiu, Baruch College
Why Do Firms Withhold Loan Contract Disclosures?
10:30–12:00 PM | RBC 271

Friday, May 3

Presentation - Finance
Rabih Moussawi, Villanova University
Phantom of the Opera: ETFs and Shareholder Voting
10:30–12:00 PM | RBC 161

Presentation - Accounting
Yongtae Kim, Santa Clara University
The Effect of Trade Secrets Law on Stock Price Synchronicity: Evidence from the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine
12:00-1:30 PM | RBC 91

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