The Art & Science of Negotiation

December 4, 2017 | 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Lehigh University

This program is designed for mid-level working professionals and is available for open enrollment. It can also be applied to our certificate programs


Negotiation is “the art and science of securing agreements between two or more parties who are interdependent and who are likely seeking to maximize their outcomes."

Program Overview

We negotiate every day.  From potential employers, co-workers, and bosses, to landlords, merchants, service providers, partners, parents, children, friends, and roommates - we are continually seeking ways to get a positive outcome and a better result. Unfortunately, without the proper skills, we often settle for an outcome that is less than it could be or, we participate in a negotiation that leads to conflict.

To realize a successful outcome, negotiation not only recognizes the optimal solution, but also includes others agreeing to that solution and helping to implement it. The Lehigh University Executive Education approach to negotiation uses empirical research that gives us insight into the art and science of negotiation and teaches us how to build effective frameworks for successful negotiations. Program attendees will examine the social psychology and economics of influence of negotiation and delve into complex deal negotiations involving interpersonal challenges.

This course is is experiential in nature.  It's about learning from successes and failures while building practical skills you can use every day. Participants will prepare for and simulate a negotiation that will highlight principles relevant across negotiation settings…those principles are the focus of the course. Attendees learn how to get more of what they want, how to influence without authority, and when it's wise to walk away.


Senior managers and key employees who manage or lead others.


Gain a theoretical framework for negotiation - a toolbox of concepts integral to preparing, negotiating, and subsequently evaluating the negotiation process and outcomes. Develop your ability to negotiate beneficial transactions and to resolve disputes by:

  • recognizing your negotiation strengths and learning how to overcome weaknesses
  • preparing effectively for negotiations
  • adjusting your tactics when negotiation circumstances change
  • identifying opportunities for “win-win” solutions
  • communicating persuasively in the face of resistance
  • knowing whether you have reached a good outcome in a negotiation


Liuba Belkin


The cost of this program is $1060. Program attendees will receive all program materials, program meals (continental breakfast, lunch and beverage breaks), exceptional learning opportunities with Lehigh faculty, and networking opportunities with likeminded managers.

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