Program Overview

Finance and accounting are the tools that are fundamental to making management decisions. This program provides the knowledge necessary to evaluate financial performance and to understand how the economic outcomes of operating decisions effect the organization’s financial statements. Participants develop or improve their understanding of financial statements, performance metrics, and analytical techniques to effectively evaluate their business, establish performance standards, and collaborate using a common financial language. These practices are extended to assess the financial position of suppliers, customers, and competitors. In addition, the participant will learn techniques to evaluate and value investments in a new product, capital project, or acquisition. 

Who Attends

Current and future company leaders in decision making roles, individuals who are identified for succession, or individuals who want to improve their understanding of finance.

Impact & Benefits

  • Develop or improve your understanding of finance and accounting
  • Understand how the economic outcomes of operating decisions are reflected in the organization’s financial report
  • Communicate and collaborate more effectively with finance professionals
  • Increase comprehension of current performance measurement and analytical techniques using financial performance metrics
  • Establish financial performance standards
  • Learn corporate investment valuation techniques to assess capital investment decisions including new products and acquisitions
  • Discuss appropriate investment rates of return


Samuel Weaver, Ph.D.

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